Can you feel gassed after only 8 minutes?

Amy is moving so fast, she is a blur!

At home WOD:
AMRAP in 8 minutes
20 situps
10 walking lunges (use dumbells by your sides if you have them)
10 pushups
10 walking lunges

Gym WOD:
AMRAP in 8 minutes (only full rounds count)
KB lunges down and back
5 knees to elbows
5 pushups

Don’t forget to post rounds to comments.

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2 Comments to “Can you feel gassed after only 8 minutes?”

  1. Danielle says:

    This goes perfectly with Erin’s “XFit Women are AWESOME” post a few days ago.

    Boo ya.

  2. Mark says:

    5 rds….but I think Lance made me use the heavier 35lbs KB’s instead of the lighter ones. You know, the KB’s that were tested with the 2+2=5 (large values of 2) rule instead of the 2+2=2 rule (small values of 2).

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