Ok, so what do I eat?

As you prepare for our Nutrition Challenge…
here is a Guide/Summary to Eating:

- All of the lean meat, fish, seafood, eggs you can eat
- All of the non-starchy vegetables you can eat
- Plenty of fruit (especially berries)
- Moderate healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil)
- Moderate nuts and seeds
- No grains or cereals at all
- No legumes (peanuts/beans)
- No dairy products (eggs are meat)
- No processed foods – make it yourself!
- No sugars.  Agave, organic honey, molasses, pure spun golden
sunshine….it doesn’t matter.  They are all equally bad for you.
- No artificial sweeteners.  These are not food!  They are laboratory
products with sketchy safety records.

And stay tuned for more to come…

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3 Comments to “Ok, so what do I eat?”

  1. Danielle says:

    I love sausage, and I have never made them before – I always buy the processed one..

    I think over the holidays I’m going to become a frequent visitor to this site: http://thespicysausage.com/index.html

    oink oink y’all.

  2. Ryan says:

    For the sushi lovers, Paleo Sushi @ sushi yama on perkins….

    Low Carb roll; crabmeat, avacado, wrapped in tuna
    Monroe Roll; crabmeat avacado soypaper wrapped with salmon/tuna

    No Evil Rice :-)

  3. Lakiesha says:

    That’s a genuinely imsrvspiee answer.

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