Open Gym, etc…

So today was an Open Gym… but we had a few guidelines…

ex. if you didn’t have you 1 mile for time, today was your day… or you could work on your favorite/least favorite lift… or you could work on some skill you were interested in (ex. H2H, KB clean)…or you could create your own WOD and challenge a friend… or you could do 1 million burpees… got the idea?

Well, Garrett decided to created a WOD, and Lance and Don took him up on his challenge during the 5:30 class…
Hand Stand Pushups
Burpee Pullups
Down and Back Sprints
Round 1: 1 rope climb
Round 2: 2 rope climb
Round 3: 3 rope climb

And for the 6:30 class…
530m Keg run
Tire/Hose Drag
Tire Flip
200 Sledge
hell yeah!!! Eric even had a cheerleader saying “Go, LSU – you watch out, he’s gonna be something!!!” – at least I think that is what that random lady was yelling in the middle of the street… and I do believe in the middle of the WOD another random person suggested that we go get tattoos and that when she gets fat she will come workout with us, but then she paused and said… “but I don’t like hands on things.”…oh, and did I mention the UPS driver almost ran over Eric because the tire was large and (Eric was a mere spec compared to the tire, I guess)… oh, and Eric was in the middle of the parking lot… it was dark out… and get this, the UPS driver thought Lance and Garrett had some “big guns” while they were doing sledge shirtless – so he drove while looking backwards.

Yep, that’s us, Red Stick CrossFit – home of the crazy WODs, interesting neighbors, and a tiny parking lot… oh, and did I mention the “big guns”

Welcome to Red Stick CrossFit – the blog of randomness…

It was a VERY close race for Deadlifts and Dresses…
1st Place: Lauren – Congrats!!!
2nd Place: Amy
3rd Place: Katelin

There was a coaches pic for form, a point for weight ratio, and of course everyone at the gym voted for the best overall pic. Great Job Ladies, y’all look Hot! Hopefully I will figure out this error message for when I try to upload y’alls beautiful pics!!!

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