Trent Luecke

CF L-1

Red Stick CrossFit – Mid City

I was born in Baton Rouge, but spent about half of my childhood in Houston, TX when my family moved there when I was 3. After spending 10 years in Houston, we moved back to Baton Rouge and I have been here ever since! I graduated in 2010 from The Dunham School and chose to attend Clemson University to pursue an engineering degree, as well as attempt to walk on the football team as a kicker. Unfortunately my collegiate football career was pretty short (Spring and Summer of 2012) and I decided to transfer back to LSU that fall. In the process of transferring schools, I decided to change my major to Kinesiology. I am now a Senior in the school of Kinesiology and will graduate (fingers crossed) in August of 2016!

Athletic Background/Hobbies: I played just about every sport you could in high school. Fortunately, Dunham was pretty small so it didn’t take much to make a sports team. I focused on soccer, football and golf in high school. I have been playing soccer and golf ever since I was a wee little lad in Houston. I was actually part of the inaugural soccer team at Dunham and my “talent” in soccer transferred well into kicking a football. As far as hobbies go, I don’t have a true go-to hobby. I really enjoy fishing and pretty much anything outdoors. It also doesn’t hurt if the hobby can include putting alcohol into my face-mouth.

Certifications: Crossfit L1 Trainer Certification


  • Clemson University Collegiate Athlete
  • Coach at RSCF for 8 months
  • Once ate 5 McDoubles in one sitting

Favorite Girl WOD: Fran. You can’t beat the intensity and insanity of it! All out with no time to breathe or think.

Favorite Hero WOD: Nate. I haven’t done many of these and this is the only one that didn’t ruin my soul.

Favorite Lift: Back Squat because I can beat Coach Brandon in it

CF Goals: Competing at Regionals as a member of the RSCF team would be an awesome accomplishment. I would also like to compete in a local competition individually in the near future!

Personal Goals:

  • Graduate from LSU in August of 2016
  • Own and run a CF affiliate
  • Be better looking than Coach Brandon

Why I love RSCF: Having been to gyms in other parts of the country and seeing how owners choose to run their gym and how members interact with each other, I am convinced RSCF has something special that the vast majority of gyms don’t have. Andrew and Melissa have cultivated an environment that is welcoming and warm (literally and metaphorically) and inspires people to bust their butts to get better. But more important than the motivation, is the camaraderie between our athletes and the relationship those athletes have with us as coaches. I love the smile that comes to people’s faces when I holler “HOW ARE YOU?” as they walk in the door. I have yet to experience such a close-knit group of people in Crossfit.

What I love about coaching: I love seeing people push through adversity and discover things about themselves they didn’t know when they walked in the door that day. It makes me incredibly proud to help and encourage someone to hit that new PR or push through a tough workout. I also enjoy making people laugh as well as laughing with our athletes. If you don’t know me, I’m a high-energy, goofy guy and coaching is a great outlet for me to get my energy out while helping those that I care about get better. I get fired up and excited, probably more so than the person who just hit the PR sometimes. I love the passion and daily excitement of coaching RSCF athletes.

My promise to RSCF athletes: I will always give you 100% of my focus and effort. I will always be willing to help any of our athletes with something they are struggling with or may have questions about. I tell everyone I work with that I get a huge kick out of being asked by someone for personal help. It means a lot to me as a coach that you value my help and I promise I will do what I can every time to help! I value you as an athlete and friend, and I will do my best to be there for every single one of our athletes at RSCF!

Chris Fairley



Mobility Coach

Red Stick CrossFit South – owner/head coach

My entire life has always involved some kind of organized sport.  As a youngster, growing up in Gulfport, Ms,  I was heavily involved in soccer and baseball as well as a little bit of wrestling and cross country.  Once going into High School, I seemed to be a perfectionist with an unstoppable amount of energy so I decided to dedicate everything to both soccer and baseball, hoping to further my education in college with the help of one of these sports.  Luckily, that happened and soccer ended up the route that was chosen for me and I went on to college hoping to be the next big thing!  After realizing that wasn’t going to happen I decided to try something different and I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. This was one of the most humbling, fulfilling, and exciting jobs I have ever had….until now of course!

The military taught me to have the drive that I have now and to never give up, no matter how I felt and how hard it got.  Helping Men and Women in the Coast Guard become the best they could be gave me a taste of what I wanted to do in my future.  After 12 years in the military, I decided to follow my dreams and leave the Coast Guard to finish my College degree at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Shortly after graduating, my wife gave me the news that she had an opportunity to open a business in Baton Rouge and off we moved!  I now had to decide what I wanted to do with my life…again!  Luckily I was brought back together with my long time friend, Andrew Chicoine, and after a couple years of hanging out and CrossFitting we decided it was time to open another location of Red Stick CrossFit.

So here I am today, co-owner of Red Stick CrossFit South, and I am so happy with my family’s decision.  I love the community, I love how challenging it is, I love coaching people to be their best, and I love that my children will get to grow up surrounded by all of it.

Favorite Benchmark: Cindy or Karen

Favorite Lift: Overhead Squats

Favorite Hero: Murph

Andrew Chicoine



Red Stick CrossFit – Owner/Head Coach

My name is Andrew Chicoine and I am a husband, father, and co-owner and head coach of Red Stick CrossFit. Those of you who know me, know that I am outrageously passionate about what I do. I have had many jobs in my life and most of them have been less than desirable.   The day I found CrossFit, my days of working have stopped.

I grew up in San Antonio Texas, attended high there as well as almost every Community College and University there. At the age of 23 I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard where I proudly served four years as a diesel mechanic. When my enlistment ended I jumped into the fitness industry as a personal trainer.   I worked my butt off and quickly made my way to the department manager. Anyone who has worked in a globo-gym knows what a grind it is and how demanding the job of sales is. A friend of mine (Erica Rodriguez) told me to sign up and go with her to this CrossFit certification. I was one of those people at the LI who had never been into a box or officially done CrossFit. Not long after I completed my Level I I quit my job personal training and turned my garage into a make-shift gym and began CrossFit. LSU brought me to Baton Rouge and I began volunteering at Red Stick to meet some people and feed my addiction. I was given the opportunity to take over at Red Stick and without hesitation, I did. Three years later, Red Stick CrossFit has grown and even expanded to another location. I love what I do more every day.   I will never stop learning and growing as a coach, owner , and athlete (kind of).

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