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Andrew Chicoine



Red Stick CrossFit – Owner/Head Coach

My name is Andrew Chicoine and I am a husband, father, and co-owner and head coach of Red Stick CrossFit. Those of you who know me, know that I am outrageously passionate about what I do. I have had many jobs in my life and most of them have been less than desirable.   The day I found CrossFit, my days of working have stopped.

I grew up in San Antonio Texas, attended high there as well as almost every Community College and University there. At the age of 23 I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard where I proudly served four years as a diesel mechanic. When my enlistment ended I jumped into the fitness industry as a personal trainer.   I worked my butt off and quickly made my way to the department manager. Anyone who has worked in a globo-gym knows what a grind it is and how demanding the job of sales is. A friend of mine (Erica Rodriguez) told me to sign up and go with her to this CrossFit certification. I was one of those people at the LI who had never been into a box or officially done CrossFit. Not long after I completed my Level I I quit my job personal training and turned my garage into a make-shift gym and began CrossFit. LSU brought me to Baton Rouge and I began volunteering at Red Stick to meet some people and feed my addiction. I was given the opportunity to take over at Red Stick and without hesitation, I did. Three years later, Red Stick CrossFit has grown and even expanded to another location. I love what I do more every day.   I will never stop learning and growing as a coach, owner , and athlete (kind of).

Matt Bruce


CF L-1

CrossFit Weightlifting
Red Stick CrossFit – Mid City

Matt is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and moved to Baton Rouge when 13 and he began Olympic Weightlifting under Legend Gayle Hatch. With the help of Coach Hatch, he was a 3 time junior world team member, 4 time senior world team, 5 time Pan American Team member, 2012 Olympic Squad member, National Champion, American Open best lifter, Rudy Sablo Award for best overall Junior lifter, and Eleiko Silver Dragon Gold-Medalist. During this time he received his Masters in Kinesiology from LSU.

He began coaching his Bruce Barbell athletes and RSCF athletes at RSCF in late 2012. Matt is also part of the CrossFit weightlifting coaching staff and helped develop the Advanced Weightlifting Course. He is also the strength coach of brUTE strength, where he coaches top level CrossFit and weightlifting athletes around the world.

Best Snatch: 152kg. (334 lbs.) Best Clean and Jerk: 192kg. (422lbs.)

Jessica Krebs



Red Stick CrossFit – Mid City

I am from Madisonville, Louisiana and I currently attend LSU with a major in animal science! In May of 2012 I began my CrossFit journey as a member and I have been coaching here at RSCF since August of 2013. I currently have my Level 1 as well as my Level 2 CrossFit certifications. The past 2 CrossFit Games seasons, I have been lucky enough to be part of the RSCF South Central Regionals team.

Athletic Background – Before I started here at Red Stick CrossFit, I had no athletic background. I was a member of my high school band though as far as extracurricular activities!! I grew up in the same small town as Coach Logan and he introduced me and got me started with CrossFit.

Certifications – Along with my Level 1 and Level 2 CrossFit certifications, I have my PADI Advanced Open Water Certification as well as my PADI Rescue Diver Certification in Scuba Diving.

Accomplishments – Within a year and a half, going from an individual with no athletic background to a regionals athlete would probably be my biggest accomplishment.

Favorite girl WOD – Diane (I LOVE Handstand Pushups!!)

Favorite Hero WOD – J.T. (Gymnastyyy)

Favorite lift – Cleans!!

CF Goals – C&J 225#

Personal Goals – I’d love to work my ass off and eventually make it to the CrossFit Games.

Why I love RSCF – I love being a coach at Red Stick because I love getting to connect with all the members. As much as I hate mornings, the 5AM crew makes getting out of bed at 4am a little easier with their energetic attitudes and work ethic.

Why I love CrossFit – CrossFit has completely changed my life. It has provided positive feedback in every aspect of my life including physically, emotionally, and socially.

What I love about coaching – I love watching our members grow as athletes. I from personal experience know how hard it is to walk in with absolutely nothing but everything to gain. It’s very motivating as a coach to watch people overcome their own obstacles, whatever they may be.

My promise to the RSCF athletes – I promise to do my best very best with each class as well as each individual athlete. As a coach my desire is to see athletes set and reach goals they never dreamed possible! Whether it is to lose weight, recover from an injury, or change ones lifestyle. The members here at RSCF are more than just a group of strangers looking to get fit. You will find support, inspiration, friendship and the ability to achieve the highest level of fitness you desire and I am willing to put forth everything I have to help you in any way possible!

Trent Luecke

CF L-1

Red Stick CrossFit – Mid City

I was born in Baton Rouge, but spent about half of my childhood in Houston, TX when my family moved there when I was 3. After spending 10 years in Houston, we moved back to Baton Rouge and I have been here ever since! I graduated in 2010 from The Dunham School and chose to attend Clemson University to pursue an engineering degree, as well as attempt to walk on the football team as a kicker. Unfortunately my collegiate football career was pretty short (Spring and Summer of 2012) and I decided to transfer back to LSU that fall. In the process of transferring schools, I decided to change my major to Kinesiology. I am now a Senior in the school of Kinesiology and will graduate (fingers crossed) in August of 2016!

Athletic Background/Hobbies: I played just about every sport you could in high school. Fortunately, Dunham was pretty small so it didn’t take much to make a sports team. I focused on soccer, football and golf in high school. I have been playing soccer and golf ever since I was a wee little lad in Houston. I was actually part of the inaugural soccer team at Dunham and my “talent” in soccer transferred well into kicking a football. As far as hobbies go, I don’t have a true go-to hobby. I really enjoy fishing and pretty much anything outdoors. It also doesn’t hurt if the hobby can include putting alcohol into my face-mouth.

Certifications: Crossfit L1 Trainer Certification


  • Clemson University Collegiate Athlete
  • Coach at RSCF for 8 months
  • Once ate 5 McDoubles in one sitting

Favorite Girl WOD: Fran. You can’t beat the intensity and insanity of it! All out with no time to breathe or think.

Favorite Hero WOD: Nate. I haven’t done many of these and this is the only one that didn’t ruin my soul.

Favorite Lift: Back Squat because I can beat Coach Brandon in it

CF Goals: Competing at Regionals as a member of the RSCF team would be an awesome accomplishment. I would also like to compete in a local competition individually in the near future!

Personal Goals:

  • Graduate from LSU in August of 2016
  • Own and run a CF affiliate
  • Be better looking than Coach Brandon

Why I love RSCF: Having been to gyms in other parts of the country and seeing how owners choose to run their gym and how members interact with each other, I am convinced RSCF has something special that the vast majority of gyms don’t have. Andrew and Melissa have cultivated an environment that is welcoming and warm (literally and metaphorically) and inspires people to bust their butts to get better. But more important than the motivation, is the camaraderie between our athletes and the relationship those athletes have with us as coaches. I love the smile that comes to people’s faces when I holler “HOW ARE YOU?” as they walk in the door. I have yet to experience such a close-knit group of people in Crossfit.

What I love about coaching: I love seeing people push through adversity and discover things about themselves they didn’t know when they walked in the door that day. It makes me incredibly proud to help and encourage someone to hit that new PR or push through a tough workout. I also enjoy making people laugh as well as laughing with our athletes. If you don’t know me, I’m a high-energy, goofy guy and coaching is a great outlet for me to get my energy out while helping those that I care about get better. I get fired up and excited, probably more so than the person who just hit the PR sometimes. I love the passion and daily excitement of coaching RSCF athletes.

My promise to RSCF athletes: I will always give you 100% of my focus and effort. I will always be willing to help any of our athletes with something they are struggling with or may have questions about. I tell everyone I work with that I get a huge kick out of being asked by someone for personal help. It means a lot to me as a coach that you value my help and I promise I will do what I can every time to help! I value you as an athlete and friend, and I will do my best to be there for every single one of our athletes at RSCF!

Brandon Luckett

CF L-1

Red Stick CrossFit – Mid City

Personal Info: I am from Baton Rouge and currently a student at LSU studying medical physics.

Certifications: CF Level 1

Accomplishments: I was on the 2014 RSCF Regionals Team within my first year of starting CrossFit.

Fav girl WOD: Grace

Fav Hero WOD: Murph

Fav Lift: Snatch

CF/Personal Goals: My CrossFit goal is to make it to Regionals as an individual.

Why I love RSCF: I love helping people reach their personal goals, in and out of the gym. My promise to the gym is to do my very best to help provide a healthy, fun community and to give people every opportunity to continuously better their livelihood.

Lauren Bjerk


Red Stick CrossFit – Mid City

I was born and raised here in Baton Rouge. I graduated from LSU with a BS in bs! What drives me is constantly being hungry for getting better in whatever it is that I’m doing.

I played softball, volleyball, cheerleading (I could only handle that one year!) and threw the shot put. I made it to 4th in the State throwing shot put my junior year. Unfortunately I was not good enough to play anything in college.

I am certified in life, haha! I have a Level 1 in CrossFit, CPR certified, Nationally Certified Orthodontic Assistant, EDDA, and being a bad 😉

I Graduated from LSU with a 3.0, all my certifications, getting married, and I have a long list of things still left to accomplish

My favorite girl WOD is Grace….it’s because I am really good at it

My favorite Hero WOD is Bulger, I haven’t done it in a while thoughlauren1

My favorite lift is snatches, and clean and jerk comes in at a close 2nd

My goal in CF is to make it to Regionals, be a better coach than I was the day before, to not hurt myself, and have a WOD named after me!!

My personal goal is to always stay hungry and humble in all that I do.

I love RSCF because of all the wonderful athletes and coaches we have. It is always a joy to go to the gym and see everyone!

I love CF because it pushes me to my limit and shows me that I can do anything even if I feel like I can’t. It is also never boring, I am never doing the same thing over and over

The most fulfilling thing about coaching for me is, seeing someone who didn’t know how to perform a lift or movement get it and get it right. I love seeing the athletes get hyped over their accomplishments no matter how big or small!

My promise to RSCF athletes is to always coach to the best of my ability and never let them do less than their best.

Brandon Poulter


Red Stick CrossFit – Mid City

My name is Brandon Poulter and I am head assistant to Matt Bruce and coach of Olympic lifting.  I was born and raised in Baton Rouge.  I am very much in love with what I do and I do not see my work as work. As a child I was never involved in sports and had no interest until the day I walked into Red Stick Crossfit. The most athletic thing I had ever done before was running long distance for about 2 years. Once I met Matt Bruce and was introduced to Crossfit, I decided I wanted to change my body and that I wanted to help others do the same.

I currently attend Baton Rouge Community College and I intend to transfer to Louisiana State University. At LSU, I plan to receive a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology to further my knowledge in strength and conditioning. I have taken my USAW level 1 certification and now I assist in teaching it here in Baton Rouge. I also write Olympic lifting programming for Brute Strength.

Every day I start on my drive to the gym and I promise to myself that I will give it my all. I envision how I will better my athletes; then I review their problems and look for a solution. My goal is to make sure they reach their full potential, so I do everything I can to make sure it happens. 

Aaron Ketterer
Yoga instructor

Red Stick CrossFit Mid City

I am Aaron Ketterer, I am the Olympic weightlifting coach and yoga teacher at Red Stick CrossFit. I have always had a passion for anything fitness and movement related, which i have constantly pursued. I received a degree in Kinesiology from LSU with a concentration in Fitness Studies and a minor in Leadership Development in December 2014. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, i began my lifelong love of movement at the young age of three when I started in a mother child gymnastics program. i then went on to join the boys competitive team at CG’s Gymnastics where i competed for many years. i first got on a barbell my freshman year of high school, starting with powerlifting movements. i could not get enough lifting and by my freshman year of college i found myself in the Hatch Dome where i began training with coaching legend Gayle Hatch. Soon after i started training with coach Hatch, i began interning and coaching under him for over three years. While working with coach Hatch i received my USA Weightlifting Certification. while at LSU i discovered another movement style, yoga. the practice of yoga has been life changing and in august of 2015 i completed my 250 hour yoga teacher training program with Alicia Willemet. When I’m not coaching i enjoy slacklining, macro yoga, rock climbing and biking. As a coach i hope to share my passion for the endless depths of movement with every athlete that i work with.”

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